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Marklin HO Scale Model Train Tracks

Marklin has been producing metal toys for more than 150 years. They are a leader in the model train industry that can withstand even the toughest play. They offer what no other manufacturer can claim: the possibility to add to existing layouts and collections throughout the years. Through advanced designs and technology, they offer interchangeable railways to create the rail system of your dreams.

Quality Materials

The railroad products that Marklin produces are high quality reproductions of the trains we all know and love. Their reproductions are as close to the prototypes as possible, both technically and in the materials they use to build the trains and tracks. Everything, from different types of metals, aluminium, high quality plastics and wood, Marklin selects the finest materials for their customers to enjoy building intricate railway systems. Solid materials can make or break the way a train runs on a track. To ensure a smooth and flawless ride, good quality materials are necessary to achieve this type of ride. Choose between straight HO scale model train tracks and Marklin curve HO scale model train tracks to give your railroad tracks the shape you want.


As one of the first manufacturers of HO model trains, Marklin produces quality trains and tracks that withstand everyday play as well as replication of the railway world from years past. C-tracks are a good choice for those who enjoy playing with their model trains as well as continuous building and dismantling of their tracks. These tracks come as great starter kits and are more durable, as they are often good options for kids to use with their model trains. C-tracks are cheaper, but don’t lack the realistic charm when it comes to creating your model railway system.


Like C-tracks, K-tracks are widely popular and go with Marklin HO scale model trains. This type of track design often provides a smoother and more seamless track. K-tracks are more expensive but are worth the cost. They have a more realistic look to their design. They also use higher end materials. If looking for K-tracks for your Marklin HO scale model trains, you may be intending to build a permanent railway fixture to enjoy for years to come. Because of their realism and smooth ride, K-tracks are regular favourites for collectors and seasoned train enthusiasts to show off their finest model train collection.

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