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Finding the Right Marx Vintage and Antique Toys

Louis Marx and Company was an American toy brand that created tinplate buildings, military figurines, Colonial-style dollhouses, action figures, model cars, and playsets. Their toys cover a wide range of subjects like circuses, toys based on movies, and toys based on historical events. You can also find Marx-made dinosaurs, robots, cowboys, dolls, and more on eBay.

What kinds of playsets did Marx toys make?

The playsets that were issued by this company included themed settings and, usually, scads of figurines; lots of the sets had as many as 100 figures. You can find individual pieces if you're looking to complete a set, or you can get the whole kit-and-caboodle with an intact set. Among the vintage and antique playsets you can find are:

  • Ben Hur: This set was created in the 1960s and features characters and set pieces based on the Ben Hur film. Chariots and lions are some of the pieces made for this set.
  • Western Town: This vintage set was based on Roy Rogers and the Wild West city of Dodge. It includes tinplate buildings, like a music hall, figurines of cowboys and Indians, and set pieces like cacti, benches, and butter churns.
  • Big Top Circus: This set hails from the early 1950s and a completed set has everything you'd need to put on a pretend three-ring circus. Big Top Circus figures include ringleaders, acrobats, snake charmers, clowns, lions, tigers, horses, elephants, and monkeys. They are tinplate backdrops and high-wire set pieces among the many circus-themed items that were made for this set.
  • Sons of Liberty: This set is part of Marx's Heritage collection that commemorates United States history. Sons of Liberty is based on the Revolutionary War and has soldiers and set pieces that can be used to recreate a battle.
How do you select Marx Vintage Antique toys on eBay?

When you're looking for Marx vintage antique toys, you can search for entire sets or individual figures. eBay also lists what's \"hot this week\" to give you an idea of what's selling well. The toys are categorized under price as well. You can pick relatively inexpensive toys or pricier ones. The pricier antique toys are often rare, and they will sometimes come in their original Marx packaging.

What Marx toys are available?

The company sold over 100 million yo-yos, and they also were the originators of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and the windup Walk-A-Way Baby. Louis Marx and Company stopped producing metal-based toys in the early 1950s. The company then switched to plastic. Marx created The Big Wheel, a reimagining of the tricycle that was launched in the 1970s. This item had kids zooming down their sidewalks on reversed trikes that were led by large front wheels. Louis Marx vintage and antique toys also included toys like Disneykins, Nutty Mads, windup model trains, and dollhouses.

What are some Marx Heritage playsets?

These playsets focus on United States history. Some examples of Marx Heritage playsets are:

  • The Battle of the Alamo
  • Heroes of the American Revolution
  • Fort Apache
  • Saga of the Western Frontier
  • Home of the Presidents