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What was once an ancient practice that has now become a popular therapeutic practice, cupping therapy involves setting a flammable substance such as herbs and alcohol on fire, putting it out, and then placing it on the skin to create a hot suction-like effect. If you’re in the market to grab some massage cups to practice this at home or in a more professional environment, there are plenty to choose from here at eBay.

What to Search for When Purchasing Massage Cups

Massage cups come in various shapes, sizes and colours to suit your cupping therapy needs. The three main massage cup materials include bamboo, silicone and glass – plastic is also used. Silicone, specifically, is very useful as a massage cup due to its heat-resistant qualities, as well as being able to handle extreme temperatures without breaking or falling apart. Glass is also very useful as a massage cup due to its sturdiness and ability to properly enclose any heat within. The sizes range from a smaller 3.6cm to a much larger 17.3cm – they can go bigger or smaller if you prefer. If you want more than one, why not grab a bundle of them in different sizes and colours? The massage cup colours include completely transparent (for the glass option), blue, green, pink, and purple, which is dependent on your purchasing preference. The shapes vary between a long, thin cylinder and a larger dome – some even come with convenient wooden or plastic handle grips to ease the process of putting them on and taking them off. If you’re looking to step away from the traditional and venture into the modern way of doing things, you can also find electric suction cupping machine. After you’ve used the massage cups, you can also pull out your yoga mat or pull out your walking shoes and do some light exercise for additional relaxation benefits.

So, as said before, check out eBay’s large assortment of massage cups if you’re stuck on which ones to buy next for your personal or professional therapy sessions. Enjoy a massagetoday.