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Mat and Acupuncture Supplies

Acupuncture roots from ancient Chinese health and medical practice. Many believe that it can provide patients with safe and natural remedies. Among general medical practitioners, 80 percent recommend patients to get acupuncture services. Private health insurance providers include acupuncture-related expenses in their rebate plans. Acupressure can be an alternative and a complement to acupuncture. Both methods activate healing by stimulating pressure points to relieve pain and improve health conditions. Acupuncture uses thin needles to create stronger stimulation. Acupressure uses firm pressure to massage these points. An acupressure mat works like this. It actually affords more access and benefits to patients since you can use one right in your very home at your exact time of need. Use acupressure mats to relieve chronic pain. It also aids better sleep, renewed energy levels, body relaxation and general well-being.

Euro Mat

As you consider buying a mat, or even an acupuncture pillow, check out the award-winning Euro Mat. This White Lotus acupressure mat is popular for its high quality effectiveness. With a 42-centimetre by 65-centimetre dimension, you can easily lay comfortably. It has 6,534 food grade plastic spikes, definitely nontoxic. You get high-grade viscoelastic memory foam that accommodates the curvature of your spine. All materials come from Europe but the manufacture is purely Australian. Complete your home set-up with the Euro Mat bed of nails acupressure pillow. It has about 2,000 spikes on the surface that stimulates endorphins for improved energy. Use regularly to alleviate stress and muscle tension. You can relieve neck and head pains and soreness with regular use.

Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy

Some complementary acupuncture supplies you can add along are acupuncture cupping sets. You may buy an exclusive set for use on your visits to an acupuncturist. You may also keep a box at home. Home cupping sets are available online. There are traditional glass cups or even bamboo cups you can select from. Cupping therapy is an accepted practice, and many doctors recommend cupping therapy for deep tissue repair. It activates the lymphatic system and promotes blood circulation in the body.

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