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Matchbox Military Model Building Toys

Command the land, air and sea with vintage military models by Matchbox

Bring a golden era back to life with Matchbox models

The 60s 70s and 80s were golden decades for Matchbox, when Matchbox models were the most widely-collected of all diecast models. Matchbox military models were produced first as diecast and later as plastic, and were considered to be well made for the time, with modern moulding, tooling and techniques.

Matchbox military kits stood out on the shelves because unlike the single-colour Airfix kits made up to that point, Matchbox kits were 2 Colour or 3 colour kits. Making them even more appealing, all the Matchbox military kits came with a small diorama base.

Matchbox brand models in 1:72, 1:76 and 1:32 scales

Matchbox was the gold standard of 1:72 scale military modelling throughout the 1970s and 80s, and Matchbox 2 Colour Kits were a mainstay, highly sought-after by experienced and beginner modellers alike.

In the vintage Matchbox model world, 1:76 and 1:32 scales are rarer, but you’ll find some great old gems in those scales here on eBay too. The 1:76 scale was more popular in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong than in the US, where most were intended as accessories to 00 scale railway layouts.

Complete your dioramas with scale soldiers

In the late 1970s Matchbox introduced a limited range of 1:76 and 1:32 Second World War model soldiers. You’ll find vintage sets of American, British and German infantry. These Matchbox sets were prized over competitor Airfix’s toy soldiers for their high-quality moulding and because they came in more poses and with weapons that Airfix model’s didn’t, including heavy machine guns and even flame-throwers!

Matchbox has a full range of military toys available to shoppers on eBay, along with a variety of other vintage cars, trucks, vans and aircraft. If you’re after a great deal, and some amazing quality products, check out the range today.