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Maternity Tops & Blouses  

Maternity clothes are designed to provide comfortable clothing for expectant mothers. This category of clothing is available in sizes to accommodate each stage of the pregnancy. Available options include maternity shirts, trousers and more. 

How soon should you start wearing pregnancy clothes? 

Pregnancy progresses differently among expectant mothers. Some begin to show sooner than others. The time you will begin to wear maternity clothes depends on the mother. Some people wear non-maternity clothing throughout the pregnancy. Here are a few options to choose from: Maternity shirts are available in pull-over or button-up styles. Maternity dresses are available in casual or dress styles. Maternity trousers are available with elastic waist band or other stretch material. 

What maternity clothing do you need? 

Your non-maternity clothes may become too tight at some point in the pregnancy. Choose pregnancy clothing that makes you feel more comfortable. Maternity dresses and blouses can be worn to work. Here are a few things to consider when looking for maternity wear: 

  • Pregnancy stage: make sure the item has enough room for a comfortable fit for a growing baby bump. 
  • Lifestyle: find clothing to accommodate your lifestyle. Choose styles for work and daily wear. 
  • Nursing bra: buy bras that can be used for nursing after the delivery if you plan to breastfeed. 

How should you wash or clean your maternity clothing? 

Care instructions are shown on most pregnancy clothing. Follow those instructions to preserve the appearance. Hand-wash delicate items and use delicate wash detergents if you have sensitive skin.  

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