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Maths Textbooks

One of the most important parts of education, from preschool to graduate school, is mathematics. Because of this, maths textbooks are a necessity throughout all your years of school. There are different levels of mathematics, as well as different types of textbooks, to help you get through this phase of your learning. From hardcover to paperback books, there are many types for various maths classes.


Perhaps the most common types of maths textbooks are hardcover textbooks. Durable and built to last for many years of use, the hard cover protects against wear and tear so the book can last for many a season. From simple addition to geometry, you can also cover a hardcover maths textbook with paper or a book cover to help promote its longevity.


Maths paperback textbooks may be a regular textbook, or they may be a companion to your harcover textbook as a workbook. Simple to write in and easy to stow in a bag, paperback textbooks are convenient. These paperback books are great for grade school through college. Paperback topics can range from several different studies of mathematics, from counting and recognising numbers through precalculus and calculus.


Perhaps you’re studying abroad and need a maths textbook in a different language; or English is your second language, and you’re more comfortable learning mathematics in your native language. Either way, there are plenty of maths textbooks in print that are in different languages for your convenience. Look for choices in Spanish, German, French, Russian and more.

Age Ranges

If you’re purchasing a book for homeschooling, preschool or for post-grad, be sure to check the age range and type of mathematics. For example, preschool age children will be learning number sense and counting, while high school classes will focus on algebra, geometry and precalculus. College level and beyond is suited for calculus, statistics and other higher level mathematics.

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