Get a birds eye view with Mavic

The skys the limit when you own a DGI Mavic drone. Fly your quadcopter to capture sublime vistas on land or over the sea. The small, powerful inbuilt camera and video features produce high-resolution footage, captured from all angles with the rotating gimbal. Strong aerodynamic propellers keep the Mavic up in the sky for hours. Check out the Mavic Pro kit and a plethora of accessories on eBay.

Lens filter sets

When you want to broaden your Mavic drones creative capacity, camera lens filters are a good place to start. Experiment with a six-piece set that comes in a handy padded carry case. The set includes the highest quality optical glass lenses with multilayer coating films to filter ultraviolet light.

All the lenses are easy to load and wont affect the camera gimbal. This combo of MCUV, CPL, and ND filters help ensure that you get crystal clear images, whether youre shooting outdoor scenes in strong sunlight or reducing glare over water.

Tablet mount holders

If you cant operate your drone outside, you could shelter in the car and use a tablet mount holder to operate your remote control and view footage. Discover an extendable bracket mount that syncs with DJI Mavic Pro remote controls. It has a 360-degree multi-angle rotation and can accommodate most smartphones and tablets. When conditions arent right for hand operation, this nifty accessory is a lightweight, durable, and portable companion to your Mavic drone.

Hard carry cases

If your camera drone filming expeditions take you to some far off, remote, or inaccessible places, you dont want to run the risk of losing any kit along the way. Thats why investing in a waterproof hard carry case is a smart idea. Most Mavic hard carry cases have a solid plastic shell which is waterproof and keeps your kit safe from scratches and shock. Some models are backpack style, so you can be more mobile and agile while bearing the weight on your back.