Mazda Car seat covers offer protection from strains, as well as everyday wear and tear without jeopardising the safety or technology of your seats.


Life is messy - car seat covers alleviate the worry of everyday wear, tear and spills. Families spend an enormous amount of time in their cars and the best way to protect your seats, is to fit car seat covers to act as a barrier for preventing stains, hard to remove dog hair, sand from trips to the beach, or spilled food and drink from getting into the fabric.

Purposely Designed For Mazda Car Seats

Purpose made car seat covers for your Mazda ensure that your car keeps the sleek and stylish interior it left the factory floor with. Mazda seat covers are specifically designed to fit the contours of your seats ensuring that you don't fit covers that may interfere with the features of your car such as in-seat airbags or temperature controlled seats - the solution is already built with these features in mind.

Mazda car and truck seat covers are specifically designed to fit the contours of your seats, taking into account extra comfort on long drives offering additional padding and durable materials. The ability to buy seat covers with features such as matching head rests as well as front and back seat covers allows you to personalise while keeping the look and feel your interior consistent with the added bonus of avoiding the slouchy, baggy look that generic seat covers can come to have over time.

The Work Horse

If you rely on your car to work as hard as you do, super tough car seat covers are available with options for water and stain proof materials such as neoprene for cars that are the office and the work horse allowing you to simply wash the covers and fit them again - refreshing your interior with minimal effort.