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If you're a food processing manager, butcher, farmer or even property owner wanting to cut and grind your all of your own meat, you need a professional quality meat band saw that can handle the job. Leading farming and agriculture equipment brands like Diamond, Flamingo, F.E.D., Carnivore and Tooltec manufacture luxurious stainless steel meat band saws and bone cutting machines designed for use in the food processing industry, catering industry or slaughterhouse.

The size and power of the machine you require depends, of course, on the type and amount of meat, poultry and bone you need to cut through on a consistent basis. For example, Diamond manufactures two types of its 10" 3/4HP meat cutting band saw with grinder. Using a powerful 3/4HP, 230V/50Hz or 240V/50Hz motor and blade speed of 250m/min, these heavy duty devices power through any meat and bone, including frozen meat and normal temperature bone meat. Alongside other farming and agriculture products and machinery, these devices assist with meat preparation on a large commercial scale or for the serious home butcher. This Diamond model comes with steel cutting table dimensions of either 440mm x 570mm or 470mm x 600mm, while the saw blade dimensions are 2085mm x 16mm x 0.5mm. The processing scope is 250mm x 200mm x 200mm and the saw cutting depth is 241mm. Searching for extra variety? This model also features a built-in meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachment that lets you make different flavours of sausage.

What kind of features should you look for in a new or used meat cutting band saw? Firstly a machine that is safe and reliable with easy-to-use handling. You also want a low consumption, high efficiency device that offers clean, convenient and steady performance. Packaging and delivery details for this type of equipment should be discussed with the seller.