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Mechanical (Automatic) Watch Movements

Pass the time with mechanical (automatic) watch movements

Humans have long been obsessed with the passing of time. As far as we know, the oldest sundial harkens back to Egypt in approximately 1500 BCE. The journey to tell time accurately has been one of the most consistent human struggles. The clock wasn't invented until the 1200s, and up until then, water clocks and sundials were the common options. Luckily for us, the struggle ended decades ago. Want your timepiece to stay on track? Then it’s time to check out eBay's collection of mechanical (automatic) watch movements.

From the 13th century to the 19th century

In 1275, the English invented the first mechanical clock. In fact, if you visit Salisbury Cathedral, you will find a still-working clock that was completed way back in 1386. It is one of the world's oldest still operating. While it doesn't feature a face, it strikes hours to tell time.

By the 1300s, Italy was in on the act, creating a variety of mechanical clocks. These creations often featured loud bells. Finally, the 16th century introduced the use of silver, brass and bronze over iron. It wasn't until the 1500s, though, we finally saw watchmaking begin. The pocket watch is still a popular choice for watch lovers everywhere.

Mass production

While watches are now mass-produced, many watch lovers enjoy the workmanship behind many older or handmade pieces. In fact, many watch lovers look at timepieces as an investment, whether they are handcrafted, which is becoming a rarity, or otherwise.

A variety of timepieces

If you are feeling particularly brave or you just love watches, then you can find the necessary parts online to build your own watch from scratch. Not only would you get to revel in the process, but you also have a great conversation starter when you find yourself in need of an interesting icebreaker.

You don't need to be a horologist to enjoy watches. If you need mechanical automatic watch movements, watch chains, watch bezels and inserts or other parts and accessories, make sure to shop the wide range of options on eBay.

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