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Medical Arch Support Inserts

Medical arch support inserts are simple but useful. They are relatively small items that you place inside your shoe. However, the right arch support can make big, noticeable differences to your life. They come in a few forms, such as gel pads, shoe sole inserts and support straps that wrap around your foot.

What are the benefits of arch support inserts?

  • Better posture: The arch of the foot is such a small feature on the human body, which has so many other parts. However, your foot's arch plays an important role in your overall posture. Using an arch support like orthotic insoles to improve your posture can result in reduced back pains and better balance.
  • Comfort: A good arch support insert can also provide better comfort when walking or doing sports. Often, the discomfort and pain that comes with long distance walking or intensive sports can stem from poor support provided by the shoe. Even proper sports shoes may not have the proper arch support for you. Therefore, an additional shoe insert will benefit you.

What is my foot arch type?

  • Low arch: Feet with low arches are also called flat feet. This means that the arch of your foot is very close to the ground. In more severe cases, the arches may touch the ground altogether. The low arch is the result of flexible tendons in the foot and leads to an inward roll of the ankle. People with low arched feet are more susceptible to improper posture.
  • Medium arch: A medium arch is considered the almost ideal foot arch. It is the most efficient form and causes the least problems among the different arch types. However, people with medium arches can also benefit from arch support inserts as they still vulnerable to common issues like heel pain.
  • High arch: This type of foot has a well-defined arch and very rigid ankles and tendons. Potential issues faced by people with high arched feet are calluses, arch straining and claw toes.

What other types of foot support are there?

  • Custom soles: Orthopaedic clinics can help get you your own custom sole inserts. The benefits of custom soles are that the support is tailored to you and your needs, thereby providing ultimate comfort.
  • Orthopaedic shoes: These shoes are designed to give proper foot support to its wearer. They often have pads around the ankle and side of foot as well as on the arch area. Many opt to wear orthopaedic shoes when they go on long walks.
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