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Choosing your portable oxygen concentrator

Are you thinking about buying a portable oxygen concentrator? Are you ready to taste the freedom that comes with on-the-go oxygen? eBay carries a large range of portable oxygen concentrators for you to choose from.

When you buy a portable oxygen concentrator, you're making an exciting purchase for your life. It will arguably be the most important of yourdaily living aids. Because it's a purchase that your health will depend on, it's important to ask yourself a few questions to make sure you're making the safest and most helpful purchase for you and your lifestyle.

How much oxygen do I need my concentrator to deliver?

This is arguably the most important question you'll need to ask yourself when you buy a portable oxygen concentrator. Just likeinhalers and nebulisershelp you breathe easier, your portable oxygen concentrator can do the same. Portable oxygen concentrators typically come with one of two types of oxygen flows. A portable oxygen concentrator that has a continuous flow will produce oxygen when you are inhaling and exhaling, while a concentrator with a pulse flow will produce oxygen only when the user is inhaling. This decision should be discussed with your respiratory specialist.

How much weight am I comfortable carrying?

The second question you should ask yourself before you buy a portable oxygen concentrator is what size and weight you can comfortably carry on a day-to-day basis. You can find portable oxygen concentrators in a variety of sizes and weights. Some concentrators are carried on your back while others are set on wheels. Try putting a similar weight in a backpack or wheeling device at home to see what you're able to comfortably handle. After testing a few different weights, you'll know what size portable oxygen concentrator will fit your needs.

How long do I need the battery to last?

You'll find that battery life will vary between concentrator models. Check how long your battery will last and consider the benefits of purchasing a spare battery if you plan on being outside or away from power for long periods of time.

When you buy a portable oxygen concentrator, you're making an important and exciting decision for your life. Browse eBay's range of portable oxygen concentrators today to find the perfect fit for you.

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