Magnificent Melbourne memorabilia

Vintage postcards are a window to a bygone era, giving us a freeze-framed look into a world without digital distractions or modern technology. It’s no surprise then that there has recently been a big resurgence in the number of collectors seeking out old postcards, not just for the pictures they depict, but the historical value they hold too.

While a great many collectors enjoy postcards with a royalty theme, or an animal focus, others love the chance to delve into a specific location and time period. If you fall into this category and have a keen interest in the Melbourne of old, there are many postcards available for purchase on eBay to add to your curated collection.

A fascinating insight into Melbourne

Picking the right Melbourne postcard to add to your collection all comes down to your specific theme. Perhaps you want to stick to a certain era such as the 1930s, and source relevant postcards that depict iconic Melbourne tourist sights and streetscapes of that time. Or as a resident Melbournian, you might like to collect souvenirs of all the places you know and love across multiple time periods. No matter which category you fit into, you can find postcards that match on eBay right now. But it also pays to regularly check back in, as you never know what wonderful gem someone may find in their old garage, and pop up on the platform for sale.

A unique gift

If you know a postcard collector who loves all things Melbourne, a framed collectable postcard makes a special one-of-a-kind gift. It is also a stylish alternative to traditional prints or artwork for that art lover in your life. When choosing a postcard to frame, be sure to look for one in good condition, with minimal damage such as water marks or creasing. You can then find a vintage style frame on eBay that stays in line with the card’s aesthetics, or you can opt for a modern clean look to ensure the postcard really stands out.

And remember, no matter what you love collecting, eBay has you covered.