Men’s cargo shorts, they’re stylish & practical!

If you’re looking for your next go-to pair of shorts, look no further than the classic cargo shorts. They are casual, comfortable and come in a huge range of colours. You’ll be able to slot them into your favourite outfit combinations easily since they look great with almost anything.

What are cargo shorts?

Cargo shorts are a type of casual shorts that are recognised by their distinctive pockets on the side of the short legs. This extra set of pockets is what makes cargo shorts so popular - they’re very practical. 

Men’s cargo shorts in Australia tend to be made of heavy-duty canvas fabric and are typically made in khaki or beige tones. This is because men’s cargo shorts take some of their style inspiration from military uniforms. It’s also common to see camo print on cargo shorts, leaning into a tactical combat aesthetic. 

What to wear with men’s cargo shorts in Australia?

Since cargo shorts are generally an everyday, casual style short you need to be careful not to go too dressy with your choice of top. Choose a basic t-shirt for an understated look. If you want to show more of your personality you could choose a t-shirt with a design or slogan on it to add some more visual interest. Remember to go with colours that complement your men’s cargo shorts.

If it is colder, you could wear a comfortable hoodie or jacket with your cargo shorts. Watch out for clashing textures if you are planning on wearing a woollen jumper or multiple layers. Some variation in texture is good but as cargo shorts already have heavy-duty stitching and pockets it can become a lot very quickly. 

Are there different types of cargo shorts?

There are many variations in cargo shorts. From style to fabric to colour, men’s cargo shorts have a lot of range. Here are some of the key differences to look for in men’s cargo shorts:

  • Colour or print
  • Fabric thickness
  • Length
  • Number of pockets
  • Additional features like drawstrings and belt loops