Look Cool While Staying Warm

When a jacket is too much, but a t-shirt is too little, opt for a go-between with a fleece vest. With one of the biggest online collections, check out eBay for a selection of men’s pocketed gilets, casual zip one-pieces and vest-style fleeces. You can never go wrong with this wardrobe staple, keeping your chest warm, even when it’s chilly outside. In keeping with the warm theme, there’s also plenty of men’s socks and thermals to load up on too.

Introducing the microfleece

For cold winter weather, a padded fleece is a great option for keeping your vital organs covered. However, a new introduction on the scene is the microfleece. This one-piece gilet is known for its thinner material, without compromising on comfort. Great for easy storage, packing up and throwing in the car, it’s one clothing item you already need.

Pair with any outfit

The versatility of a fleece is that it can easily pair with any outfit, without any extra thought required. From men’s jeans to active wear, the humble one-piece is a great accessory that has plenty of great features for convenience. This includes a zipper down the middle for keeping secure, as well as pockets for housing all your essentials. Plus, there’s a variety of colours to choose from.

Just add glowsticks…

If you’re not going to a rave, then the high-vis fleece reversible body warmer is made for visibility during outdoor work. Ditch your flimsy high-vis jacket and replace it with this winter warmer – great for late night work when the weather drops. Fully waterproof, it’s also handy for those doing shift work on site.

Favourite designers

There’s an impressive selection of leading men’s brands available, from; Berhaus to Lee Cooper and Carhatt to Dickies. This includes the Carhatt Knoxville vest top, which comes complete with a hood for all-season weather. What more could you need?!