Men's Golf Clothing

Mens Golf Clothing

Like many other sports, golf requires the right outfit as well as equipment to get into the game. Mens golf clothing focuses on comfort as well as flexibility on the green, so youll need just the right golf clothing, shoes and accessories to enable you to maximise your game for all 18 holes. Brands like Callaway and Ping create lightweight, comfortable clothing and shoes meant to ensure you always tee off in style.


Mens golf shirts and jumpers fit the bill when it comes to fashion and function. Change up your look according to the weather, and select long-sleeved or short-sleeved styles from Mizuno, Oakley or Puma. Athletic wear crafted from moisture-wicking materials keeps you cool when the action heats up, and styles and colours range from striped collared shirts to thick, solid-coloured pullovers. Look for shirts with added features, including ventilated fabric that has some stretch in it, as well as pieces that feature UV-resistant fabric to protect you from the sun.


One of the most important parts of golf clothing is shoes. Finding the right shoes enables you to gain traction no matter what the courses terrain looks like while offering plenty of comfort and support on those long days spent swinging clubs. Select cleated or cleatless designs depending on weather or your personal preference, and look for high-quality shoes from brands like Adidas, Nike and FootJoy. Features to consider include water resistance as well as durable construction and a padded sole.


Mens golf trousers arent your average pair of trousers. These trousers are specially-designed for action, and with features like ventilation panels, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps sweat at bay and stretch fabric that allows freedom of movement from the waist down. There are even trousers with an interior grip to keep your shirt in place as you bend and swing. Other considerations to keep in mind include finding trousers with UV protection as well as water resistance to ensure the elements dont get in the way of a good golf game. Trousers range in design, from relaxed styles to more tapered trousers that offer a slim silhouette. Colour options include grey, black or khaki.


The finishing touch to your golfing wardrobe is the perfect glove. Golfers wear gloves to enhance their grip on the iron and ensure there are no mistakes when it comes to hands sliding off equipment. Most players wear one glove, but some enjoy the feel of two gloves on the green. Choose gloves by size, price, or brand, and check into sleek leather styles from sports brands including TaylorMade and Titleist. Pick up more than one glove to ensure you always have an extra on hand.