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Men's Military Coats and Jackets

Men's jackets and coats designed as military attire have never gone out of style. Their rugged appearance of a military uniform combined with various practical features have always been favoured by both men and women. Different wars and different terrains have inspired different men's jackets and coats that are popular to this day. Choosing the one you need requires a careful consideration of style, material, use and weather conditions.


Selecting the right coat or jacket relies a lot on choosing the right material, as your wardrobe needs to be weather appropriate. Leather military coats and jackets might look very slick, but they are usually thinner and not well suited for harsh winters. Leather also does not fare well in rainy conditions, so avoid this material if you live in an area with frequent rainfall. Still, leather coats can be quite versatile in their use and you can even wear them over a suit. Wool blend military coats and jackets for men are a better fit if you need to stay worm on very low temperatures. Blends used for these coats are usually anti-wrinkling and fast-drying. This means that you get a material that breathes well, doesn't harbor bacteria and can dry easily even though it's thick. If you wish to be entirely waterproof, than look for men's military cotton jackets blended with polyester, nylon, and/or rayon.

Men's Jacket Styles

Military jackets come in several styles, each favouring a certain material. If you are looking for a leather jacket, an air force inspired leather bomber jacket may be just what you need. Straight-cut Axis inspired designs are also quite popular and mostly available in black. The military parka is a wool alternative that you can combine with a suit. It can be combined in casualwear as well, as some models have accessories like a fur hood. Those looking for something strictly casual can also opt for the men's field jacket design.

Men's Coat Styles

The most popular men's coats inspired by the military are the trench coat and the navy pea coat. You can find these coats made of just about any material available, but a waterproof cotton blend trench coat and a wool pea coat are classics.