Looking for a gift for the special man in your life? Why not spoil him with a magnificent chain necklace? It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time in western society when chains and necklaces were the sole domain of women. Well, no more. A gold or silver necklace can be a stunning accessory on a man.

A Few Rules About Men’s Jewellery

  • Simple is key – don’t overdo it. Jewellery for men is definitely a situation where less is more.
  • Keep to one colour – don’t mix silver and gold or leather and
  • Understand the message – jewellery should be selected with care. Whether we like it or not, the kind of jewellery we wear sends a strong signal about who we are and our      social status. It can also affect how other people see us. Make sure you know what signal you’re sending.
  • Obey the dress code – jewellery should always be appropriate to the setting. For example, business suits and jewellery generally don’t go well together. Just sayin’.

Neck chains look great in either gold or silver and can be found in a wide variety of styles, lengths and thicknesses. It’s probably best to stick to plain, open link chains. Snake chains, embedded gemstones and fancy styles tend to look better on women. That said, dog tags are a reasonable addition that add a masculine twist to a thinner style, smooth chain.

Generally, men’s necklace chains should be longer and thicker than women’s, with 20 inches or 50cm the recommended length and a medium thickness of at least 3.5mm. Obviously, you will pay a lot more for gold, and even then, the price will depend on the weight, or karat value, of the gold.

Whichever style is for you or your favourite male, you will find an extensive range to browse on the eBay platform. Pick up one, or two, or three stunning men’s necklace chains today. The prices might surprise you. And the eBay stores have one to suit even the most discerning buyer.