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Men's Occupational Shoes

Work shoes are specifically designed to remain comfortable despite spending hours on your feet on the work floor. Whether you are in the service industry or work a white collar job, a comfortable pair of occupational shoes keeps you more comfortable on your feet for longer. By choosing the right pair for the job, you can rest easy knowing that you do not end up developing blisters at the end of a hard day's work.

Leather Work Shoes

Leather is a good material for men’s shoes, especially when you're working on a sales floor where you need to look smart all day. The problem with picking super stylish shoes is that they are often uncomfortable when you need to stand for the majority of your shift. Choose a pair that falls in the middle ground like dress shoes with a solid heel but soft, comfortable insoles that promote proper foot arching. Leather shoes with laces are also great for ensuring a snug fit and reducing rubbing at the skin that covers your Achilles tendons.

Rubber Work Shoes

Working in the manufacturing industry requires shoes with safety features that ordinary leather office shoes simply cannot match. Men’s occupational boots are ideal for rough working conditions because of their ample foot coverage, solid toe caps and soles with superior grip. When at outdoor job sites or on the factory floor, choose steel-toe rubber work boots to protect your vulnerable toes. These types of boots lace up high on your ankle to provide support and comfort when trudging through difficult or uncomfortable terrain. On the other hand, restaurant kitchen workers may benefit from work boot designs that use garters as upper material to provide a snug fit without feeling too constricting.

Soft Rubber Work Shoes

When it comes to working at a hospital, comfort and grip is always a priority. This is why rubber hospital clogs are popular choices for nurses and doctors because they are lightweight, durable, comfortable and work well in clean environments. Many of these shoes are designed with non-slip soles for added safety, and rubber straps at the rear for fastening. Holes are also strategically placed around the body of the rubber clog to promote ventilation and enhance overall comfort.

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