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How to Find the Right Polo/Rugby Casual Shirts for Men

Whether youre shopping for yourself or for a loved one, casual shirts are an imperative part of any mans wardrobe. One of the most popular styles of casual shirts include polo tops or mens rugby shirts. Not necessarily used out on the playing field, polo shirts for men offer a sporty and sophisticated look even on days you dont plan on sweating a drop. With a range of different colours, fits and styles, youre sure to find a type you appreciate for your casual clothing ensemble.

What Are Some Different Polo and Rugby Styles?

While the history of polo shirts is a bit ambiguous, most believe this particular style of shirt become popularised in the 1800s with the advent of polo, and would soon become a favourite around men worldwide. In modern times, there are a few different styles and types you may appreciate wearing.

  • Short-sleeve polo tops: These shirts are typically made of a thick cotton, and have a corresponding thick collar. While they typically dont have a pocket, they often carry the insignia of the company that manufactured the shirt over the breastplate.
  • Long-sleeve polo shirts: Great for that in-between time, such as between fall and winter and winter and spring, many times these long-sleeve shirts are made of a thinner cotton, and may not include a collar.
  • Rugby shirts: While these shirts may not be expressly designed for the field, you definitely have the option of wearing them to play in an actual sporting event, or to stand on the sidelines.

What Are Some Ideas for Casual Ensembles?

A polo T-shirt is a casual standard worldwide of subtle elegance and sophistication. While it may not be the best shirt to attend a formal dinner in, there are definitely some events where a polo shirt is a gold standard.

  • Office casual: If your office is a touch on the casual side, (you can leave the dress shirts and ties at home), polo shirts are a great choice. Match them with olive khakis for a sleek look.
  • Light sports: Polo shirts are also a great idea if youre partaking in some light exercise, just as hiking, speed walking or an actual game of polo.
  • Events and get-togethers: Polo and rugby shirts are optimal choices for outdoor spring parties, for brunch dates or simply on a date with your significant other.

What Are Some Popular Brands and Colours?

There are many popular brands when it comes to mens polo shirts. Lacoste is thought the be the first brand that brought polo shirts to popularity, but since their inception, many other brands have come along with fine choices. Some top brands include:

  • Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren POLO
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Lacoste
  • IZOD
  • Nautica
  • Fred Perry
  • Perry Ellis
  • Many other unbranded shirts

When it comes to colour, look for popular styles such as:

  • White - a great choice for golfing
  • Black
  • Pink or purple - a nice choice for an Easter brunch
  • Light blue
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Multi-colour - great for sporting events

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