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Got one to sell?

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Getting Active

New technology means men’s sportswear is better now than it’s ever been. Sportswear is more responsive, it offers higher levels of comfort, and it works with the body to help make the most of a workout. From shirts and tops, to shorts, leggings and pants, men’s sportswear is designed to suit all types of physical activity, in almost any condition. Working out in the heat means one thing: sweat. But if there’s one thing that’s going to make working out uncomfortable, it’s wearing clothes that don’t allow the skin to breathe – or to sweat.   Quality sportswear is designed to let the skin breathe, wicking away sweat so that it doesn’t sit uncomfortably on the body. Sportswear can also be designed to work well in colder temperatures too. Base layers can provide warmth while the wearer warms up his muscles, while still offering that much-needed breathability. Waterproof and water resistant clothing can allow for physical activity in the rain, while clothing with long sleeves and long pants can help protect skin against harmful rays from the sun.

Heading Outdoors   

Physical activity isn’t restricted to the track, field and fitness centre. It can also mean getting out into the great outdoors. Wearing the correct clothing outdoors is just as important as it is in the gym. That means layering up, protecting against the elements, and keeping biting insects at bay. To find sportswear that works well under pressure – both outdoors and in the gym – eBay is the place to be.   Featuring a massive range of men’s sportswear, eBay is home to the biggest brands in a wide selection of styles. Shop by colour to find sportswear options in black, blue, grey or white, or shop by size, to find sizes that range from small to 2XL. When choosing sportswear, think about the material it’s made from, and the features on offer. On pants, this may mean zip-off legs, comfortable elasticated waistbands, and handy pockets. On shirts and tops, it may mean having material that is totally breathable, that wicks away sweat. Check out all the options to find new and pre-owned sportswear for easy home delivery, or convenient local pick-up.    

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