Swimming trunks for men 

Swim trunks are a popular swimwear choice for men. They are comfortable, easy to wear and look great! This makes them a great option to add to your summer wardrobe. Swim trunks are sure to get plenty of use during the warm months, as well as into the cooler months for avid swimmers. 

What are men’s swim trunks?

Men’s swim trunks are a type of swim short. They are typically shorter in length than board shorts and are made of the same soft elastic swimsuit material that rash vests are made of. This makes them comfortable and very easy to move around in.

Sometimes regular board shorts are also referred to as swim trunks, as ‘trunks’ simply means ‘men’s shorts.’ Because of this, men’s swim trunks can also be similar to board shorts. However, typically only the shorter styles are called swim trunks. 

Why choose swimming trunks? 

Swimming trunks are the perfect choice if you are looking for practical swimwear. Swim trunks won’t get in the way while swimming. They are also made of elastic material, meaning there is some stretch to the fabric which will allow for a great range of motion. If you are looking to do high-intensity sport or activity, a pair of swim trunks will work perfectly. 

And, of course, they are waterproof - the fabric won’t stretch out when wet and they will dry off quickly in the sun after a dip.

Types of swimming trunks for men

There’s a huge range of brands which make swimming trunks for men. This means there are limitless options when it comes to the exact cut, colour or design you are looking for. Here are a few areas in which men’s swim trunks vary:

  • Colour - You can go for bright bold colours or muted tones. Whatever your heart desires!
  • Pattern, print or plain - If block colours aren’t your style, you’re still sure to find what you like. From floral prints to quirky patterns, there’s something for everyone.
  • Fabric - From soft to solid, choose what works for your needs.
  • Design - Wide leg? Tighter cut? Drawstring or not? There are so many options.
  • Brand - You can shop swim trunks from all your favourite brands, from Speedo, Nike to Lacoste and more.
  • Length - Long or short, everyone has a preference.