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Men’s underwear

Choosing the right underwear might not seem like the most crucial decision in the morning but whether you're a boxers, briefs, thongs or trunks kinda guy, you need to make sure that the fit, style and fabric are just right for you.

If you’ve been wearing the same pairs of underwear for forever (which have now turned into shades of grey from their original colour), then it’s time to invest in some new undergarments.

Just remember, you don’t have to wait until your underwear is worn out to spoil yourself with new clothes!

What’s the best type of underwear to buy?

This really depends on your level of activity and comfort. You must decide which type of underwear works best for you based on your lifestyle and the type of pants you wear.

If it’s for casual everyday wear, then boxers or briefs are some of the most go-to styles. Briefs, if you’re wearing tight pants and boxers, if you’re wearing loose-fitting pants.

A personal favourite for most men is the boxer brief, as it gives both coverage and comfort - the best of both worlds!

What’s the best fabric for men’s underwear?

There is underwear available in many different types of fabric. What you choose to buy should depend on the activity you engage in.

Choose cotton or modal for everyday wear, nylon or polyester if it’s for the gym, thermal for those days you want to keep warm, and silk for special occasions.

How many pairs should you own?

A sensible approach is to have a 3-week supply of around 20 pairs of underwear in your wardrobe.

If you do your laundry each week, then you’ll have at least 14 pairs ready to be worn; a pair, every day, and backups for travel and exercise!

Give your briefs a break

Times are changing! Invest in a pair of thongs to wear in the summer to get through hot and humid weather. Thongs also provide pouch support and fit snug if chosen right.