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Merino Wool Socks for Men

Wool socks are popular with men because they are luxurious and feature soft fibres that feel great on their skin. Australia is the world's largest producer of merino wool, and styles include larger varieties, such as 23-micron follicle selections, as well as super-soft ultra-fine offerings, which feature fewer than 15.5 microns. There are many wearability benefits of men's socks made of merino wool, and several concern moisture and temperature issues.


Socks that are effective at transporting body moisture vapours away from the skin, such as merino wool and bamboo socks, may help a wearer prevent the development of unpleasant fungal infections. Merino wool fibres can soak up to 30 per cent of their weight in body moisture while still feeling dry. Therefore, various styles of merino socks, such as solid-coloured or blended-coloured designs, can be fashionable accessories that also make a man feel more comfortable.

Fire Resistance

One of the advantages of merino wool socks is their fire-resistance. Flames tend to extinguish themselves on wool, and merino wool has the greatest natural fire-resisting properties of all natural textile fibres. People who work in industries in which heat or fires are a part of the job, such as firefighters, may want to choose merino wool socks over other designs for this safety benefit.

Stain Resistance

Stains from foods and other substances can make men's socks appear drab and dingy. The protective outer layers of merino wool fibres can repel stains from absorbing into the fabric of men's socks and other clothing containing merino wool. Another benefit of caring for this type of fabric is that it is static-resistant, so less airborne debris tends to settle on merino wool fibres.

Antibacterial Properties

The oil glands in Merino sheep produce lanolin, which adheres to wool fibres. This wool grease substance is a natural wax and makes merino wool socks feel soothing against a man's skin while they fight bacteria.

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