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Merrell Men's Athletic Shoes

Merrell Mens Athletic Shoes

Merrell has been producing quality shoes since 1981 and has a large range of mens athletic shoes to suit particular purposes. For example, Merrell produces the Trail Glove 4, one of the best options for cross training shoes on the market in addition to their running and hiking shoes.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are designed to help aid the particular difficulties that can occur whilst running. With each stride, your feet need to be able to take two to three times your body weight, and Merrell running shoes allow the best protection for the thousands of foot landings per kilometre inherent in such activity. There are particular design elements, such as superior cushioning, flexibility and traction, to prevent injury and aid comfort.

Hiking Shoes

Designed to better withstand the harsh terrain and hazards found more commonly in nature, Merrell hiking shoes are robust and withstand more damage than regular shoes. They often have advantages like thicker lining for cold weather and water resistance. Regular Merrell walking shoes would fare significantly worse in such environments and could lead to injury.


To look after your Merrell shoes, be sure to follow the correct procedure for cleaning. Regularly use a soft brush to remove any surface dirt. After extended use, wash with mild soap and warm warm water, with care taken to rinse off all soap. To dry, open the shoes fully, remove the laces and insoles and dry them at room temperature. Do not under any circumstance expose them to heat. Conditioning is more complicated, and the recommended treatment depends on the construction and material of the Merrell shoes in question.


Merrell has a shoe bag available to purchase for your Merrell shoes, as well as a range of other athletic related bags that may be of use if hiking, walking or running.

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