Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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If you're in the market for a metal lathe to make machinery parts and tackle the toughest turning applications, you need a device with the right features for its intended use. That means carefully reading over the item specifics and descriptions before you buy your new or used metal monster from a brand like Myford, Sieg or Holbrook. You're going to be cutting, sanding, drilling and boring your workpieces into shape, so it's essential to know what those workpieces are likely to be and what type of industrial metalworking equipment and machinery you actually need.

Important features

They key features to assess are the motor, centre height, swing over bed, maximum distance between two centres, and the speed. This is not a one size fits all purchase, so do your research. Do you need a variable speed metal lathe with a 3/4hp motor, a 110mm centre height, a 200mm swing over bed, 400mm maximum distance between two centres and variable speed of 140-1710rpm? Do you need something bigger or smaller?

Other specifics to consider

You might also want to consider item specifics such as spindle hole diameter, taper of spindle hole, number of spindle speed variations, range of spindle speed, metric thread cutting, range of longitudinal feeds, taper of tailstock sleeve, and the net weight of the metal lathe for sale. A quality, vibration-free item might include a high tensile cast iron lathe bed, precision V-beds, gear drive headstock for quick change of spindle speeds, and all gears, bearings and slide surfaces designed with fully effective lubrication.

Packing, shipping and accessories

A 36" x 12" (910mm x 300mm) geared head metal lathe with worklight and stand cabinet, for example, could have a packing size of 172 x 120 x 78cm. In terms of operation space this machine would require 160 x 60 x 132cm. The shipping weight would be approximately 650kg. When choosing your metal lathe, look for additional accessories such as coolant pump, work light, ndustrial metalworking chucks, face plate, splash guard, chip tray, chuck cover, stand cabinet, toolbox and an assembly / instruction manual.

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