Metal Office Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets add additional organisational space to work areas, with drawers that make file folders and documents easier both to access and to find. While office furniture of this type comes in other materials, the most common type uses metal.

Metal Office Filing Cabinet Design

Everyone recognizes the standard two-drawer filing cabinet. Stacked one atop the other, the compartments of a metal cabinet greatly increase usable office space. The square shape enables easy stacking, and some models may specifically aim to better accommodate this. Lots of filing cabinets include a smaller top drawer for business supplies or sensitive items, and this drawer typically has a locking mechanism that may or may not be present on lower or other drawers.

Metal Office Filing Cabinet Styles

Basic black is the most popular colour for metal filing cabinets, but they also come in white, stainless and other variations. While many feature protruding handles on the drawer faces, recessed handles are not uncommon. If more than two compartments are necessary, cabinets with three, four or even more are available with different accessories.