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Metal Sheet Folder

Metal sheet folders, also known as Brakes, make bends in sheet metal. This can be helpful in a number of projects, including roofing. These have evolved from manual styles, to mechanical ones. For the most part, these machines are large in scale and are for industrial purposes. Because the majority of metal sheets that need bending are large, it makes sense that the machine itself would be significant. More expensive models are mechanical, often with displays that allow people to design folds in the metal sheets; however, less expensive manual machines still exist and are at a significant discount.


Cornice metal sheet folders are relatively simple. They are large and allow for one straight bend. The brake is the flat surface on which the metal sheet sits. A clamping bar runs the length of the machine and allows for straight bends, or one single large bend to a specified angle, often a 90-degree, or right angle.


Box-and-pan metal sheet folders are more complex because users can make several bends with removable blocks. This allows users to customise the sheet metal and shape it to better fit complex projects. The removable blocks not only bend the material, but also keep sheet metal on the brake from folding in specified places.

Bar Folder

Bar folder metal sheet folders are simpler than both cornice and box-and-pan metal sheet folders. Typically, they can only handle lighter sheet metal. In one single motion, the folder clamps and bends the sheet metal. Users operate this with a handle. The bar folder has limited depth capabilities and should be for smaller-scale projects.


You must take care in determining the type of sheet metal you use and its thickness. Aluminium metal sheets and flat stock are popular for durability and ease. Steamers can join seams, and punchers can punch holes into the metal. A marker or pencil that shows up on the metal is handy for making notes regarding spots to bend, fold, punch, or seam. Handheld tools, like straight-cut aviation snips and hawk eye snips, can also make small bends, and these can help a project along. For making cuts, metal shear and other power tools, or a ripping shear, can be handy. The supplies needed will depend on the demands of the project and the capabilities of the metal sheet folder, as simpler machines may need the assistance of more tools to complete the job.

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