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Metal Shelving Pallets

A metal shelving pallet, also known as a pallet rack, is an equipment handling storage network constructed to keep materials on pallets. There are various types of metal shelving pallets but all of them allow for the storage of bundled items in horizontal rows with numerous levels, usually, at a warehouse. Most of the time, forklift trucks are an important partner for metal shelving pallets since they are required to place heavy loaded pallets onto the racks for safe keeping.

Metal Shelving Pallets Styles

There are two common styles of pallet racking which are the teardrop pallet racks and double-slotted pallet racks. Teardrop pallet racks is named after the teardrop outlined holes that are punched in the support beams. This type of warehouse pallet racking is the most famous style on the market today. The versatility of the teardrop design means its parts can be interchangeable between all brands of metal shelving pallets. This gives you a wide range of configuration choices. While the double-slotted pallet racks, also called angled slots, provide double-punched beams to cater angled tabs making it more heavy duty than the teardrop styled racks. The most common type of he double-slotted racks is the slotted angle pallet racks from Dexion

Types of Pallet Racks

There are various types of pallet rack configurations that end users can choose from basing on their storage needs. The most common type is the selective pallet rack because it is cheap and easily accessible. Another type is the double deep rack where two racks are stood back-to-back and the rear pallet is reached by a lift truck with a pantograph. The drive-in type is a high dense storage choice in which the lift truck drives inside the storage rack and places pallets on load rails.

Components of a Metal Shelving Pallet

There are a lot of elements making up a pallet rack which include steel load beams, upright frames, diagonal and horizontal braces usually welded between columns and pallet supports placed at the front and back of load beams. Timber decking and wire decking are used as a protective measure to prevent pallets from falling. Footplates found at the base of the columns serve as anchors to give the rack more stability and guardrails are installed to improve protection of the upright columns.

Safety Tips for Metal Shelving Pallet

Important safety essentials are necessary when using metal shelving pallets because of the size and weight of the pallets being stored. You should inspect for loose components such as frame damage in the system and also never climb on the pallet racks during or after its assembly. Safety checks should be performed periodically by a qualified inspector to guarantee that all components of the metal shelving pallet are 100 per cent functional. The same goes for wood pallets as well.