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Metal Wall Sculptures

Metal wall art and sculptures create fantastic features and talking points, both indoors and out. Whether a flat or three-dimensional piece, the textures of metal in wall decor adds interest and dimension to any space you are looking to jazz up. Crafted from many types of new and recycled metals and alloys, wall art and sculptures are materials such as aluminium, copper, bronze, tin, silver, iron and steel. Enhanced with bold and bright colours, or subtly shaded with shimmering effects, the placement of metal art and sculptures can bring life to your decor. You’ll find metal wall art in pretty much any kind of style, such as modern and contemporary, art deco, rustic, oriental, French country, and antique style metal wall sculptures.

3D Metal Wall Art

Three-dimensional metal wall art gives you a different visual effect and impact from different angles. Open framed designs and layered objects placed on contrasting walls with the wall surface seen behind the art create a simply stunning effect. Add lighting to further enhance your piece, create extra depth and interesting shadows on the surrounding wall space. Geometric and abstract designs, flora, and fauna make particularly striking 3D pieces.

Flat Metal Wall Art

With flat metal wall art, the focus is on the image alone, although stencilled or cutout pieces will still give the added dimension and contrast with the surfaces behind. Retro and vintage replicas of old advertising and signs are popular for setting a theme. Scenes printed or painted on metal give the impression of a traditional piece of artwork, albeit with a twist.

Indoor Metal Wall Art and Sculptures

There is no limit on where to place a piece of metal wall art or metal wall art sculptures to enhance an indoor space. Add metal art fruit and vegetables for a cooking theme to your kitchen, or a reflective abstract piece or relaxing scene to contemplate while soaking in your bathroom. Large metal art sculptures hung above living and dining room furniture are perfect focal pieces.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art and Sculptures

Hung outdoors, metal wall sculptures have both practical and aesthetical advantages. Use larger pieces as a decorative privacy screen on a deck or balcony, or as a gate. Curate your own outdoor art gallery with several objects along a fence. You can also make a statement above an outside barbecue or garden area with a dramatic conversation piece.

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