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Metaphysical herbs for improved wellbeing

Metaphysical herbs and resins have been used for centuries in everyday life and ritual practices. Believed by some to have healing properties, they are often considered sacred and used for medicinal purposes too. They have even been used for exorcism and purification ceremonies throughout history.

Also thought to aid spiritual enlightenment, herbal teas and resins are often used in divination too. From love spells to psychic powers, metaphysical herbs are said to offer extraordinary experiences.

Medicinal purposes

Herbal remedies are used across the world as alternatives and additions to modern medicine. The intention can be for attempting to treat and prevent common and complex medical issues. Medical professionals should always be consulted first, but some teas and resins are said to provide medicinal relief.

The dried herb, mugwort is often consumed as a form of tea. It is said to help with stomach and intestinal conditions such as diarrhoea, constipation, and persistent cramps. Mugwort is believed by some to help with colic, and generally aid everyday digestion.

Spiritual purposes

Using metaphysical herbs to obtain spiritual experiences is a common use for these herbs. Prophetic dreams or precognitive dreams induced by the use of herbs are believed to give a person a heightened sensory experience, which often leads to paranormal experiences and psychic abilities.

The Mexican dream herb is often referred to as the Leaf of God or Dream Grass. Traditionally it is smoked with extract granules to achieve mild dream inducing effects. This herb can be used to aid meditation practice to reach new spiritual highs and gain wisdom, or simply to aid sleep. Shop here on eBay for incense, tea, and essential oil options.

Although most herbs are considered to be safe, almost all things have negative side effects when consumed in excess. Do not consume unless you understand what you are consuming, as you are responsible for ingestion or misuse of these herbal products.

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