Metaphysical Natural & Rough Specimens

Metaphysical Natural and Rough Specimens

Crystals and gemstones are considered by many to have healing and wellness properties. They come in a variety of different cuts, sizes and types. Some metaphysical specimens are natural and rough, while others are polished. Others, whether natural and rough or polished, are made into jewellery and amulets. Some might even be formed into small items and trinkets.

Colours and Uses

Different materials have different colours and properties, and can be used for different metaphysical purposes. Yellow Scapolite is associated with the Solar Chakra and helps with decision making and personal power. Russian Shungite is a smoky purple stone and is strongly linked with the element of Earth. Black Kyanite is a dark fibrous crystal that has strong healing energy. Other Kyanite crystals, such as orange Kyanite, might be found within other stones, adding a feathered look to their depths. Peacock ore, or Bornite, is a copper-based ore that has a strong blue colour with swirls of breen and other shades mixed in, and is a focus for happiness and joy. Green-blue Apatite is said to connect to higher levels of awareness and has a lovely translucency. Selenite is a cloudy to clear crystal that can reach very large sizes and has associations with purity and cleansing. Amethyst is a well-known gem with a lovely purple tone and is often found in large geodes. Lapis Lazuli is a strong healing stone, possessing a vivid blue colour and being associated with the third eye. Bismuth forms unique and striking rainbow crystals in concentric cubes, and can relieve loneliness and help foster spiritual oneness.

Designs of Metaphysical Specimens

While often sold in their rough and natural forms, or neatly polished, some crystals and gems come in different designs. Wands are very popular for larger crystals and can be easily incorporated into rituals and mediations. Quartz and selenite are the most common wand crystals due to their structural stability. Some geodes, including amethyst, can be formed into bowls, candle holders or lamps. Other large crystals with high transparency are also suitable to being formed into lamps.