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Ancient metaphysical products could have natural healing powers

Metaphysical products offer an array of possibility. With origins from across the world, from ancient to modern civilisation, these products are used in alternative medicinal healing and spiritual practises across the globe. From meditation to cultural rituals, these products range from everyday use to sacred, holy items.

These items make for meaningful gifts to friends and family or can add to your existing collection. Shop right here on eBay Australia to find what you are looking for.

Books, CD's & DVD's

If you are looking to learn more about metaphysical herbs, Feng Shui, or simply looking to expand on your existing knowledge, shop for an array of books, ebooks, CD's, and DVD's. Delve deeper into your practise!

Tarot cards & runes

Interested to know what the future holds? Shop for tarot cards and ancient runes and put your trust in this divination practise. Both methods work by pulling a selection of either cards or runes and building a picture of your future from the meaning behind the cards.

If a reversed devil tarot card is pulled, it may indicate that you are feeling trapped by situations such as unhealthy relationships or financial debt. If the Fehu rune is pulled, it is said to symbolise financial strength and abundance.

Incense & herbs

Commonly used at home or during meditation or professional Reiki healing sessions, incense, and metaphysical herbs help to set the tone and vibe for these healing practises. If you are pairing with a meditation practise, try pairing with meditation bowls or singing bowls to help align your chakra.

Shop for an array of incense sticks, cones and charcoal alongside incense burners and holders. Herbs are available from dried tea to smokeable products, with most claiming to aid relaxation, dreaming and some with medicinal qualities too.

Crystals & gemstones

The crystal is believed to hold supreme natural healing power. These, along with other gemstones are believed to offer power during meditation practice and sleep. They are often carried around in everyday life - try carrying a crystal stone pouch in your bag or hang up in your home. Even place them under your pillow!