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The wonders of the microfibre cloth

Of all the conveniences of modern life, who'd have thought the humble microfibre cloth would be amongst the best. They're not only more hygienic than normal-sized cleaning cloths, but they actually get your surfaces cleaner. They also allow us nature-loving Australians to clean our family homes without using expensive detergents that damage the environment and are potentially dangerous with kids around.

Like a traditional cleaning cloth, you use microfibre cloths dry for dusting and very slightly wet for more general cleaning. Available in different shapes, sizes, and pack sizes, microfibre clothes are a must-have piece of cleaning equipment in the modern home.

How microfibre cloths work

Microfibre cloths don't work by magic, and they're not a marketing trick. They use simple science to scrub your tub. Microfibres are extremely small fibres that are able to attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles. Normal cleaning cloth fibres look giant by comparison, and would never be able to pick up the specks of microscopic dirt or dust that a microfibre cloth can.

Cleaner than clean

If you paid attention to your school science teacher you'd know there are adhesive forces that kick in between microfibres and dirt when you use such a cloth. This is due to the vast amount of fine fibres located on the cloth, meaning that a microfibre cloth can clean up dirt you can't even see.

Use the force

Because there are millions of microfibres packed into one cloth, the teeny-tiny amount of adhesive force at work between one microfibre and one dirt particle is multiplied by millions. That's why infinitesimal specks of dirt and dust can be sucked up by microfibre cleaning cloths. It's why you don't need detergent when you're cleaning with them. Just add water and use some elbow grease.

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