Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Enjoy reading and other activities on a Tablet or eBook reader

Turning pages and getting paper cuts is so 2000 – when you want to carry around a digital bookshelf or mini-computer, invest in a Microsoft 4GB RAM Tablet or eBook Reader. Stay connected, read novels, or browse online – there’s so many choices when you want something portable and versatile to carry around other than your smartphone or laptop.

How much is 4GB of data?

4GB RAM (or “four gigabytes of memory”) has been the standard memory size for many years now. Higher end laptops and gaming PCs now use between 8GB to 16GB. As long as you’re not playing high resolution games or downloading full movies, 4GB of RAM is actually ideal for holding up to 2800 photos (provided they are at 4MP), 1000 songs, and

Why an eBook or Tablet Reader is a great gift idea

Even if you “hate” books or know someone who wouldn’t call themselves a bookworm, an eBook or Tablet reader is actually not only for reading. In fact, they have a few hidden talents that not many people know about, making it the perfect gift to give someone who likes to stay connected (or for yourself.) For one, if you find an article on your smartphone that you want to read on a larger screen, you can send the article to your Reader. That way, you won’t strain your eyes, and you can read it at a time that better suits you. Another way you can use Tablets and eReaders is to browse online. You can also send emails, view social media, or even play games. And of course, you can read books!

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