Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Guitars

The plastic Xbox 360 video game guitar is probably one of the most iconic and recognisable of all video game controller attachments, peripherals, and gimmick controllers. Everything from the coloured buttons on the fretboard to the shape and size. It’s arguably also the most prolific and successful niche controller. The Guitar Hero series of video games has sold millions and millions of copies across multiple installments and platforms, and millions of plastic video game guitars have been shipped as a result. It’s no surprise, then, that fans of the games have taken to imitating real guitarists and decorating and personalising their guitar controllers. Additionally, official reproductions of famous guitars have been put out on the market for real enthusiasts


Xbox Guitar controllers are of course still controllers, and that means you connect them to your Xbox 360 in the same place that you’d plug in any other Xbox 360 gamepads. What that means is that most of these are actually wireless. You connect them in the same way you would an ordinary wireless gamepad, and much like any wireless peripheral they do need batteries.The Xbox 360 video game guitar needs two AA batteries, although you can also buy rechargable battery packs.

Other Instruments

Guitar Hero isn’t the only musical rhythm game that’s come out for the Xbox 360. Rock Band is a series of games similar to Guitar Hero, except it’s about the whole band. You play co-op with friends. Two of you have guitars, one as the bass and one as the lead guitar. A third friend grabs an electronic drum set-up to keep pace for everyone and provide backing, and there is also a Xbox 360 microphone for the bravest among you to sing into, not unlike a karaoke machine!

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