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Got one to sell?

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Microsoft Xbox Controllers and Attachments

Microsoft Xbox controllers and attachments enhance your gaming experience and make gameplay for specific games more realistic. There are many different types of video game controllers and attachments available, so you can find ones that complement your specific Xbox games.

Microsoft Xbox Video Game Gamepads

Microsoft Xbox video game gamepads are the most common type of Xbox controllers. They work well for nearly any type of game including action adventure and fighting games. Most gamepads have a two-handed use design, and many feature ergonomic options that make them more comfortable to hold. Some of these controllers are opaque and others are clear, so you can see the interior mechanisms.

Microsoft Xbox Video Game Racing Wheels

Microsoft Xbox video game racing wheels are great for enhancing racing games such as Need for Speed and Burnout. These controllers feature realistic steering wheels, and you can use them to steer on-screen vehicles as well. Some of these controllers also feature a set of pedals, allowing you to accelerate and slow down an on-screen vehicle the same way you would a real car. Some racing wheel controllers even come with clutch pedals and shifters, to simulate standard transmissions.

Microsoft Xbox Video Game Guitars

Microsoft Xbox guitars are the video game tools gamers need for playing games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. They have a shape like traditional electric guitars, but in place of strings, there are colour-coded buttons. Some also feature effects pedals. Most video game guitars come with straps so gamers can hold them across their shoulders while playing.

Microsoft Xbox Video Game Microphones

Microsoft Xbox video game microphones are ideal for games such as Rock Band, and you can also use them for karaoke. Many of these microphones also allow you to record vocal samples, and even add vocal effects such as autotune or pitch correction.

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