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Microwave Convection Ovens

Every household needs a microwave, or microwave oven. In the pantheon of home appliances, it ranks somewhere between the stove and a water jug. But a microwave, even at it’s simplest, is a big and heavy appliance. When you’re making the money and space investment of getting one for your kitchen, you might as well go for one that has a few more features, like a convection oven.

Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are ovens that don’t just heat a space, they use a fan and exhaust to exchange air between the inside of the oven and the room they’re in. This makes them heat up much faster, and it’s great for crisping things up. Most things you heat up in a microwave oven tend to come out a bit soggy and limp, rather than brown, golden, and crisp. But a large, proper oven is big and takes up space, and also takes more energy to heat up. A microwave with convection functionality is great for student flats and one-person households, or anyone looking to cook a smaller serving of food.


With any device that does more than just one or two things, it can be helpful to have a digital display on there. This might sound like something that would be on every microwave nowadays, but entry-level microwaves will often have no display, or just a very simply LCD display. When you’re working a convection oven though, you don’t want to accidentally set the temperature too high. For that reason, if you’re getting a microwave with convection function, you may also want to get one that’s a microwave oven with a digital display. Choose from various brands and colours like stainless steel, black, white and others. It is also important to consider the capacity and power of your desired microwave before purchasing.

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