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Microwave Turntable Plates

One of the most essential parts of your microwave is the turntable plate. Resting on a motor that controls the rotation of the plate, it serves as a platter for your food and ensures it gets cooked evenly. Not just a platter for your edibles, the microwave plate also performs a vital functionit acts as a matching load. This means it absorbs microwave energy when there is little or no food in the oven. If the energy were not absorbed by the glass plate, the energy would end up redirected back to the magnetron and could very well damage it. Popular brands of microwaves include Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp, and it's possible to purchase branded individual turntable plates without purchasing an entirely new oven.

Microwave Turntable Plate Compatibility

When replacing a microwave plate, it's important to ensure your proposed replacement is compatible with the make and model of your microwave. Determining the model number of your appliance will assist you, as most brands specify with which models the replacement plates are compatible. It's also possible to purchase unbranded microwave turntable plates, and many of these are compatible with a number of differing brands and models. It's important to get the plate that fits correctly, as microwaves have hot and cold areas in them. The fan inside the oven and the rotating function serve to minimise this and ensure your food is cooked or heated evenly. However, an incorrectly fitted plate may mean it slides and doesn't rotate correctly.

Microwave Turntable Plate Materials

Constructed from sturdy tempered glass, microwave plates are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It's not possible to use the majority of ovens without a plate to distribute the waves evenly. The thick and somewhat heavy nature of the glass means that, even if dropped, it's not likely to crack. Because the plates are generally tempered and shatterproof, if damaged, they are likely to only chip.

Other Microwave Parts

There are plenty of other microwave parts for repairing and restoring your appliance. Turntable motors are affordable and easy to install, and ensure that the rotating function of your microwave is operational. Inverters, doors and more are all available and can be purchased as branded items or there are plenty of unbranded and universal items from which to choose.

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