A Guide to Military Boots for Men

Whether you need military boots for work, to help you tackle tough terrain, or to enhance your personal style, you'll find what you need on eBay. When browsing through the selection of new and used military boots for sale, you'll see that there's a wide variety of affordable products.

Are there important features to keep in mind?

There are several things to think about when shopping for military or army boots for sale. Consider:

  • colour - Different shades of brown are the most common, but there are also black military boots on eBay. Some of the vintage boots may be black, as will some tactical models. Boots that can accompany the Army combat uniform are sand or coyote brown.
  • Shaft height - You can find some mid-ankle eBay military boots that are around six inches, but most will extend further upwards. Eight inches is a common shaft height, providing your ankle and part of your shin with support. On the low end, you may see some 4-inch boots, and these would offer less stability but more flexibility.
  • Water resistance - If you plan on spending time outside no matter what the weather is, you'll benefit from getting a waterproof boot.
  • Breathability - Spending time on your feet can make them hot and sweaty. Having a breathable mesh lining can help with keeping your feet cooler.
  • Toe cap - Depending on your intended activity, a steel or heavy-duty rubber toe cap may be essential for protection.
  • Closure - Traditional boots have laces. These can take time to untie if you're often getting in and out of your boots. You might consider getting a boot with a zipper for easier access.
Which boots are better suited for cold weather?

Cold weather military shoes are insulated better than their hot weather counterparts. Winter army boots have a waterproof membrane to keep moisture out. On the inside of these men's military boots will be some type of insulation. Typically, you'll see military and army shoes with either 200g or 400g insulation. (200g indicates that one square meter of the insulation weighs 200g, as opposed to the insulation in the boot actually weighing 200g.) A 400g insulation is much warmer, appropriate for very cold winter conditions. Insulation has different names depending on what company makes it. These names include:

  • Omniheat
  • Zylex
  • M Select WARM
  • Thinsulate
  • Heatseeker
Materials boots are made out of

Many military boots for sale, especially the higher quality ones, are made primarily out of natural leather. Cheap military boots tend to be made out of synthetic materials.