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Report for duty with boys' dress-up military style costumes from eBay

A military style costume for boys can be a great theme choice as the garment can most likely be worn again to another dress up celebration or used for pretend play around the house afterwards.

It’s not just all about camo and toy guns though. There are quite a few varied options when it comes to boys' military costumes.

Individual tops and bottoms can be purchased to mix and match your military costume, or grab a complete boys' military outfit to save precious time.

Traditional boys' military style costume ideas

An ARMY solider military costume for boys is instantly recognisable. This style of military costume will often feature a camo vest, matching hat, camo pants and the all-important accessories of toy binoculars, map, walkie-talkie, water bottle, knife and compass.

A special forces costume is really great for capturing the bad guys. A little more unique than the traditional soldier costume, this costume can feature a jumpsuit, vest, knee guards, mask, leg pouch and more. Accessories might include a flashlight and walkie-talkie.

A Navy Admiral costume can look really smart with white pants and jacket, black and gold trim, traditional white navy cap and black shoes.

Join the S.W.A.T team and protect the neighbourhood from dangerous criminals. Get kitted out with various items depending on which you choose and throw on a jumpsuit, vest, gloves, handcuffs, hat and sunglasses and more.

For something different

Pay tribute to the green ARMY plastic soldier toys with an all-green costume. This costume features everything in green, including jacket, pants, top, belt, helmet and boots.

Or go full camo with a boys' ghillie suit costume that features jacket and trousers camouflaged to look like trees and bushes.

Need something for the little girl in the family, too? Check out our range of girls' military costumes and make sure nobody feels left out!

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