Military Model Building Toys

Military Model Building Toys

For anyone who is a fan of military culture and history, collecting and building military model kits is not only a hobby but can also extend ones appreciation for history. These toys represent signify important battles as well as mark advancements in military technology and design in all areas such as land, sea and air. Diecast military models represent realistic vessels, aircraft and armour that the military utilises.

What Type of Military Model Toys Are There?

  • Air. All significant aircraft that has gone into battle and training have models for building and collecting.
  • Sea. From aircraft carriers to battleships, all major sea military model toys are incredibly detailed and represent some of the most famous ships throughout history.
  • Land. Any land equipment for military purposes, whether they are trucks, tanks or other tactical items, military land models are a favourite to build and enjoy.
  • Soldiers and Figures. Many collectors revel at the transformation in military uniforms and battle gear. The evolution in design is easily visible in these toy figures.
  • Armour. Model tanks and other armoured vehicles are a favourite to collect and build for military enthusiasts as they represent the tough and rugged aspects of the military. These have great detail and also represent some of the important advancements in their design throughout history.

What Eras Do These Toys Represent?

  • Pre-1980. This era of course includes all the historic military vehicles and vessels from all the previous wars. Some of the most famous seafaring ships and planes fall into this timeframe. Also it is interesting to see the drastic transformation in soldier uniforms and gear. The model toys, while not as detailed, are still excellent quality and worth collecting.
  • 1980-2001. One war falls into this timeframe, but advancements in technology and military design are represented in many of the models from this timeframe. More detail and better quality materials were detailed over time and put into these model toys. Plastic military models were also a cheaper option for those that still wanted to enjoy the realism but at a lower price point.
  • 2002-Present. You can find incredibly detailed models during these years along with a drastic modernization of these toys based on actual military designs.