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Milwaukee Circular Saws

Along with instruments like digital meters and lighting testers, Milwaukee also manufactures and sells circular saws and other efficient power tools. Ownership of the company has changed hands many times since its creation in 1924, but one thing is sure—the quality of their tools have never dwindled in the slightest.


Cordless tools vary in power requirements, and their battery voltage depends on the task the tool is designed to perform. For instance, Milwaukee 18V circular saws like in the HD18CS-0 are powerful enough to drive 15 to 18 cm blades at no-load speeds of 5000 RPM. This allows the saw to rip through thick boards, planks and beams without even breaking a sweat. Lower voltage tools have their benefits despite the inherently lower power output because lower voltage means a lighter battery. Voltages in batteries can go as low as 7V like those you find in electric screwdrivers and hand drills, but it makes them light and ergonomic because of the smaller battery.

Blade Placement

Blade placement is an important aspect in circular saws especially considering safety precautions. A Milwaukee left-bladed circular saw like the M12CCS44-0 12V saw is ideal for left-handed people, because the blade is placed safely away from the hands without sacrificing ergonomics or precision. Right-bladed circular saws are basically mirror images of their counterpart, which means that the sawdust ejection port is located at the right side as well. Always consider blade placement and your dominant hand when choosing powerful tools like circular saws, not only because of how it affects precision but also most importantly because safety should be the number one priority.

Bevel Adjustment

Most circular saws feature a bevel adjustment knob so you can make angled cuts with ease. Just turn the knob until the indicator lines up with the marking, and then lay the shoe flat on the workpiece. Turn on the saw, wait for it to reach full speed and then make a slow and steady cut. Milwaukee circular saws typically allow for a maximum angle of 50 degrees, making them versatile tools essential at any jobsite.

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