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Minelab Gold Prospecting Metal Detectors

Take your treasure hunting to the next level with a Minelab metal detector. With the proper equipment, you're sure to find the biggest and best treasure hidden in the ground. However, before you start your new adventure, do a little research on which features are available on the vast selection of metal detectors for sale on the market. This will ensure you get the perfect product to fit your need. Whether you enjoy making it a social outing or hunting in solitude, the key is to have fun and hopefully find something amazing.

Know Your Treasure

The majority of detectors pick up more than one type of metal. For example, most will distinguish between gold, silver and the occasional tin can. Don't waste time digging up rubbish; instead, pick a unit that will ignore common iron and steel "junk" items.

Hobby or Full Time Job

Your new metal detector can be as low-tech or high-tech as you want or need it to be in order to get the most enjoyment out of the hunt. If gold prospecting is your full-time job, a detector with multiple settings will benefit you more than a hobbyist detector with only one setting.


Before you decide on which handheld gold metal detector you wish to purchase, you need to consider the type of ground you will need to penetrate to find the gold. Will you be searching the beach for coins, or perhaps the mountains for gold nuggets? What's more, you will want to know how deep you can search, as well as the type of frequency a detector uses to find items under the ground.

Types of Gold Prospecting Detectors

Basically, a gold detector will feature one of two types of frequency: higher VLF circuits or lower frequency pulse induction circuits. VLF circuits are sensitive to gold which allows the user to find smaller nuggets that might go undetected with another device. Pulse Induction circuits are ideal for finding large gold nuggets buried at extreme depths.

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