Mini Basketball Hoop

Mini Basketball Hoops

For most basketball enthusiasts, there isnt enough space at home to fit a full-sized basketball court. There are ways for you to get your fix of shooting hoops without having to leave the comforts of your home. Many brands that sells sporting goods offer basketball backboards, systems and rims ; however, you may need to install them outside of the house as they are often too big to fit indoors. Mini basketball hoops, backboards, systems and rims can be an alternative for those looking to have a fun time indoors.

All in One

Mini basketball hoops, backboards, systems, and rims are often sold in a set so that you dont have to hunt down separate pieces. The sets include a backboard as well as a hoop and net to be attached to the backboard with either screws or a slot system. Along with the backboard and hoop, a mini inflatable basketball is usually included. Some mini basketball hoops, backboards, systems and rims also come with an air pump for the basketball for effortless, non-stop fun.

Adjustable Height

Mini basketball hoops are easy to install. Some basketball backboards need to be nailed or screwed to a wall or a door, which gives you the flexibility of choosing how high you want your basketball hoop and backboard to be. Other mini basketball hoops are attached to a retractable stand whose height you can change whenever you wish.

Indoor Safe

While its generally unsafe to throw a full-sized basketball in the tight space of the typical household room, mini basketballs are small enough that they do not cause as much harm when thrown around indoors. Its also easier to find space to install mini basketball hoops than it is to install a full-sized basketball set.


Mini basketball hoops provide a fun past-time for young kids. The lightweight, smaller basketball is easy for young children to hold and throw. The backboards and hoops can also be installed at a lower height for easier access. Moreover, the durability of mini basketball hoops, backboards, systems and rims are equal to that of regular, full-sized ones so children can have fun shooting hoops for a long time.