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Mini Mal Surfboards

Being out in the fresh air and enjoying open waters is one of the aspects of surfing that some people enjoy the most. Having a surfboard that meets the needs of a surfer helps to make this water activity more enjoyable.

Mini Mal Surfboard Length

The basic concept of the Mini Mal surfboard design is one that is borrowed from Malibu surfboards, only the Mini Mal offers a longer length than found in shortboard surfing equipment. Most Mini Mal surfboards range between 213.36 centimetres and 262.13 centimetres in length, which can open the user up to a broader range of surfing activities.

Mini Mal Surfboard Skill Level

The Mini Mal is shorter than a longboard, which helps to make the surfboard more stable than other types. Increased stability helps to make the surfing learning process easier as beginners can spend more time focusing on technique and less time getting back on the board. The Mini Mal is also a great segue to longboards for surfers with intermediate surfing skill levels who want to feel more comfortable with a medium-sized surfboard before progressing to a longer surfboard. Surfers with advanced skill levels are still able to use it like a funboard for a variety of surfing activities.

Mini Mal Surfboard Advantages

One of the advantages of using a Mini Mal is that the medium-sized design makes it less cumbersome to carry than longboard surfboards. The length and, often wider, board surface also gives surfers more turning power as well. Those who use this surfboard also have the capability of taking advantage of great surf conditions even when waves are small. Additionally, the medium-sized design makes it less cumbersome to carry to surfing destinations than longboard surfboards.

Mini Mal Surfboard Accessories

In addition to taking along the Mini Mal surfboard, there are some other items that many surfers find useful to have on hand. Swimming ear plugs protect the ear canals from taking in water, which can potentially cause irritation and lead to more serious problems. People who plan on surfing in cold water can benefit from one of the many surfing wetsuits designed to regulate body temperature and make activities, like paddling, more comfortable and less restrictive.