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Mitre Saw Stand

Mitre saws are a commonly used saw in crafts, building and woodwork. They are used in order to achieve precise cuts and mitres on wood work. Blades generally come in 10- or 12-inch sizes. In order to utilise the mitre saw to its best potential, a saw stand is necessary. An updated version of the traditional wooden saw horse bench, yet designed specifically for mitre saws, they're an excellent product for anyone who regularly carries out work with wood. Different types of mitre saws, such as compound mitre saws and sliding saws, all need stands on which to function. Popular brands include Bosch, Dewalt and Ryobi.

Mitre Saw Stand Materials

Materials for the manufacture of mitre saw stands have come a long way since their basic wooden predecessor. Aluminium is the general material of choice, ideal for its light, yet durable, properties. The lightness of the metal means that it's easy to transport the saw, perfect for building sites or areas where frequent setup is required. It's also able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without breaking or showing significant damage, and is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures, as well as rain showers.

Mitre Saw Stand Loads

Despite their lightweight nature and collapsable size, these stands are capable of holding a lot more weight than they appear. Regular stands hold a maximum weight of about 150 to 180 kilogrammes, which is a lot of wood. The fact that the legs are adjustable means that it's possible to set it up securely and firmly on angled or uneven surfaces. The top beam measures 1.7 metres and extends to 2.5 metres at maximum capacity, so that even large pieces of wood can be manoeuvred.

Mitre Saw Stand Function

The stands are portable with many of them featuring a small handle on the side for easy moving when packed down. Integral folding legs make it easy for the stand to fold down or set up. The top beam and legs are all adjustable, so you can work at the perfect height and adjust the stand to fit your timber.

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