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Mixed Wine Cases

With approximately one billion litres of wine produced annually in Australia, it's no wonder there are so many varieties available from multiple growing regions located throughout the country. Inventors of the wine cask and forerunners of screw-top caps, Australia knows a thing or two about winemaking. When shopping for mixed wine cases, keep in mind this popular alcohol has a different taste, depending on where the winemakers harvest the grapes; this means you have an assortment of flavours to sample and get to experience a fusion of tastes.

Barossa Valley

Imagine having six or more bottles of wine in a package you can sample at leisure. For example, Shiraz Barossa Valley wines may have a fruity taste derived from a blend of blackcurrants, rhubarb and blackberries. Pull out another bottle and it may remind you of a blend of plums, liquorice or stewed quince. With multiple bottles on hand, your palette has the chance to enjoy a blend of silky textures and lingering flavours. Since Barossa Valley is one of the oldest growing regions in Australia, the mature vines produce Shiraz wines with a full-bodied taste.

Clare Valley

Clare Valley wines such as Riesling wine are grown from a white grape that has a floral aroma characterised by high acidity. For a classic red wine variety, choose Cabernet Sauvignon known to age well due to the higher amount of tannins and acidity present in the grapes. Because of this region's continental climate, grapes develop slower so the fruits ripen evenly, thereby contributing to a homogeneous taste.


When shopping for wine cases from the Coonawarra region, the terra rossa soil is suitable for producing Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc and other wines. Along with fruity flavours, wines may range in taste from grassy to tropical as well as crisp and dry. This region also grows Shiraz wines that when smelled in the glass have a rich and velvety aroma of chocolate and spices with a suggestion of mint.

Hunter Valley

Verdelho wine, noted for its intense honeysuckle flavour and a hint of lime, derives from New South Wales in Hunter Valley. One of the largest and best-known regions, varieties grown in other regions already mentioned, grow here too. Regardless of which region you prefer, buying wine by the dozen or half dozen is easier on the wallet and may turn you into a wine connoisseur virtually overnight.

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