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Charging Mat for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Tired of your phone dying while at work? Do you forget to bring your charger with you? With the charging mat for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can always ensure your phone stays charged with the minimum amount of effort. Just drop your phone onto the mat, and it charges just like that; no plugging, no problem. You can even keep using your phone as it's charging, so you can check email, text, and play music.

How It Works

These charging mats are wireless, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has wireless charging capability and is Qi compatible. The micro USB mobile phone charging mats themselves must plug into an outlet so it can charge, but your phone simply has to lay on the mat, no wire necessary there. An indicator light tells you how charged it is.

Fast Charge Model

If you need to charge your phone in a hurry, you can get the fast-charger model, which uses a Fast Charger wall charger to give your phone its juice faster. This wireless charging mat can power up your phone up to 1.4 times faster than most models, and can charge the average phone from zero to one hundred percent in under an hour. Plus, it's backwards compatible; if you use a regular wall charger, this model can also charge your phone at a regular speed as well.


Besides charging your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on your wireless charging mat, many other Samsung phones are compatible as well. Safely charge your phone in just under four hours with a charging mat, with overload protection to ensure no damage is done. Never worry about lost or tangled wires again with this simple-to-use charging mat.

Charging Stations

Like many modern people, you may have multiple devices that you need to charge simultaneously, and one charging mat that's perfect for your phone won't cut it for all your other devices. Check out other charging mats, USB mobile phone chargers and cradles so you can power up your tablets, phone, music players, wireless headphones, and any other USB-compatible charging device at the same time. Most charging stations only need one end of the charging cord to be USB-compatible, so you can charge a whole range of devices.

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